January 15, 2023
Hacking & Malware Attack on Tekzilver
This is the story of the cyber attack on Tekzilver.com and other websites owned by us. We tracked down the perpetrators to a Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India) based criminal enterprise called M/S Digiversal Consultants, run by two individuals, Budhesh Chopra & Sudhanshu Sharma. These guys, apparently pursuing primitive blackhat techniques, managed to exploit about 12 of our websites, inject malware, generate junk pages & parameterized urls etc. AND they also left backlinks to their own website (called assignmentshelplite.com), which shows how brilliantly they operated! As the saying goes "every criminal leaves behind some clue or the other", but these two gentlemen literally left their behind their business card! This article also showcases the total incomptence of the UP police investigating this matter and they're still pretty lost even after 1 year after the crime took place. We will not stop pursuing this crime until it is taken to its logical conclusion, no matter how long it takes.