Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Service

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Services

Up until November 2021, we were one of those companies that provided regular IT related services to customers around the world. But in the same month, our websites were hacked and injected with malware and had to be completely relaunched. We not only identified the cyber criminals within a week but we also relaunched our services in course of time. But not before we had taken a huge hit on our finances because of the nature of the attack.

We then started actively engaging with other cybersecurity service providers, groups and researchers around the world to get insights into and the latest news and updates about cybersecurity incidents to make sure something like that never happens again. Not to us. And not to anybody else, if we can help it.

Having been through a cybersecurity attack first-hand, we understand the pain of going through it and if you are or have been a victim of a cyber crime, we can help. And we can help quickly, to restore your services to BAU state as soon as possible.

We now also provide the whole range of cybersecurity, VAPT and ethical hacking services in order to help you prevent a cyber attack on your critical infrastructure, applications, equipment, data and personnel.

We carry out preventive risk assessments, surveillance and monitoring, intelligence gathering, social media scanning, monitoring, searching and tracking, identification and geolocation service. We also help with image, audio and video analyses.

We can also help you to proactively seek out, identify and act against threat players by deploying various methodologies that will be fully customized to suit your specific business needs.

Based in the Delhi/NCR region of India, our services are available globally. Get in touch with us for both preventive and reactive cybersecurity services. Drop us an email with what you are looking for and one of us will get in touch with you right away. We are open 24/7 so that our customers can reach out to us from any part of the world, from any time zone.

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Tekzilver CyberSecurity, VAPT & Ethical Hacking Services

Recovery and Service Restoration

In case you have been the victim of a cybersecrity incident, we can help you to move quickly and limit the damage, extract and preserve evidence and identify the threat actors so that you can work with the law einforcement and agencies to act against the perpetrators of the malicious attack.

Restoraton of services may not always be easy, depending upon the extent of damage done. But it is important to monitor your network 24/7 and put in place sufficient layers of security in order to prevent an attack and be ready with an incident response plan in case the attack ever occurs.   

Our cyersecurity team will take care of that and will be working closely with your organization, 24/7 so that you don't have to worry about cyber attacks any more.

24/7 Protection Against Cyber Threats

Any company, irrespective of the size or scope of operations can be the target of a cyber attack. In other words, no company is too small or too irrelevant to be considered a target by malicious players. And apart from the toll such an attack could take on your business operations, such attacks could be seriously expensive and stressful and should never be allowed to take place.

Remember this: cyber criminals are not always smart but they are pesistent and keep looking for vulnerabiities and weaknesses. They often spend long periods of time simplying studying and observing your organization, your infrastructure and your employees and more often than not, take advantage of a moment's weakness.

Connect with us today and discuss your specific needs so that we can put in place a fully customized security plan for you. Our cybersecurity team is open 24/7. Drop us an email to [email protected]

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Service

Is your organization prepared to handle a cyber attack?

Do you think your company is "too small" or "too insignificant" to be attacked by cyber crooks? Think again! A cyber attack can come in many forms, Ransomware, DDOS, Phishing, Insider Aattacks are just a few of them. Cybercriminals can attack you by attacking your service providers, such as what happened in the case of millions of Godaddy customers. Better to be prepared and safe, than sorry. Read about the Godaddy Hacking Incident here .

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Ethical Hacking
Dark Web & Surface Web Monitoring
Risk Assessment
Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
Social Engineering
Ransomware Attack
Denial Of Service Attack
Phishing Attack
Insider Attack
SQL Injection
Website/Web Application Hacking
Network Hacking
Wifi Hacking
Hire a Ethical Hacker

We offer the full range of cyber security services that can be fully customized to suit any organization irrespective of the size. Our services include Preventive Actions, 24/7 Scanning and Monitoring, Incident Response, Mitigation and Evidence Gathering, Recovery and Restoration of Services.

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Advance Technology

Deploy advance technology based solutions for preventive protection

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Recovery & Restoration

Quickly and efficiently recover from a cyber attack and restore services.

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24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your mission critical infrastructure round the clock.

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24/7 Customer Support

We are available 24/7 just in case you need our help any time.

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Cybercrime Investigation Agencies in India

This piece of information is specifically for the Indian audience so that they are not under any illusion about how the government agencies might respond to their complaints. This is 100% based on our own experiences in dealing with each of the agencies we have mentioned below.

There are a number of cybercrime investigation agencies in India. But, for the common man, it could be pretty stressful and frustrating to deal with them because of the sheer lack of knowledge & professionalism. We're not saying everyone is like that, but, frankly, well, most of them are. (In our own case, there has been no action by the police though we have clearly shared the facts of the case and even identified the culprits over 15 months ago!) But you could be lucky if you land up with someone who might like to help.

The cops and the bureaucracy generally only respond to political influence, media attention or pressure from their higher-ups. Else you could be running around behind them for the rest of your life and they wouldn't move a muscle to do anything! Don't get upset if you see senior cops literally getting abusive at their sub-ordinates. That's just how they work and show their respect and regard for each other.

We have shared all possible options below. It's your problem and it's your need to get it resolved. Don't hesitate to reach out to as many people as possible and be persistent about it. is the national cybercrime reporting portal. You could call them on their helpline: 1930 and report the crime. You can also report it online. You should be getting a complaint number which you can use to follow up later.

This is the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. They come under the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeITY). You can try to contact them through their website But the chances of them doing anything tangible to help are anywhere from next to none to none at all. You can find individuals with fancy designations, such as Scientists, Senior Scientists etc. but these guys generally deal with government instructions, such as blocking Chinese apps and websites etc. Being a common man (aam aadmi) could put you at a serious disadvantage here. This is not to discourage you in any way from contacting them. Instead, you must explore all possible options to get your problem looked into and resolved at the earliest.

You can also put in a complaint in the local cyber cells (police stations) if there is one in your area. Talk to a police station near you and ask them about it and you should get that information. But again, be prepared for some seriously shoddy behaviour and stressful sessions. Be careful if they try to put you on to private "cyber experts" - these are guys who have some exposure to cyber security and have some kind of presence on social media. They could even have written a book or two on the subject. But we cannot say if their knowledge extends to all aspsects of cybersecurity. Be careful if they ask you for payment. Their expectations are generally pretty exorbitant for even the most basic of services.
You can also try to reach out to the Indian Ministry of Electronics & IT. They are also known as MeITY, in short. You should be able to find their email ids and phone numbers of some contact people on their website. Don't expect anything dramatic because chances are their phones might not work most of the time, and if it does work, nobody may answer it, and if by rare chance, somebody answers it, they may not help. But persistence is key and you might actually land up with someone who could share some useful information or miraculously, even try to help! But remember, their timelines could be long and could take weeks, months and even years for anything to happen. But then, nothing might happen. But keep trying.
This is the final destination and where people generally land up when the police don't act. Talk to as many lawyers as possible and only hire someone who genuinely appears to be both knowledgeable and willing to help. Before you even speak to these lawyers ask them if they will charge you for the initial discussion. Most don't but many do and it could range from anywhere between INR1500 to INR4500. And that's just tell your story and ask how they can help. But if you can afford their fees, you may probably find them very witty, knowledgeable, friendly, engaging and even professional! So, in the end, it all boils down to the money. Word of caution: Be careful who you deal with because there are some whose friendliness disappears as soon as you transfer some money to them. Do your research well before you hire a lawyer.
This is another option you can use if you have not been able to get help from all the previous authorities we had mentioned earlier. You can find their website here: . You could also try reaching out to the CM Helpline in your state (if that is available). You should be able to find it on Google or on their website. The problem with these public grievance portals is that they simply trasfer your complaint to the "relevant" authorities and consider their job is done.  So, if you are expecting any kind of "ownership behaviour", you could be in for a disappointment.  

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