OSINT Services
OSINT Services


OSINT is the acronym for Open Source Intelligence. OSINT can refer to information about any individual or organization that is freely, publicly and legally available on the internet. Such information can be anything, from articles, public databases, web and social media posts, books, press releases, online magazines, videos, images, webminars, speeches. OSINT mostly relies on information that is freely and publicly available which may be accquired using advanced tools, analytical and scientific techniques including machine learning, natural language processing and does not necessarily rely only on human analysis and interpretation.

OSINT can be used to gather information on attackers as well as the targets (victims). All cyber attacks begin with reconnaissance and OSINT can be used to build a proper threat model and attack plan before even engaging with the target (or the victim). OSINT can also be used to build effective strategies for phishing and social engineering attacks. That's not all: OSINT can even be used to find out information about yourself or your own organization so that you are aware of the kind of information that is publicly available about you and build appropriate defensive strategies.

There are a number of open-source as well as paid tools that are available for Open Source Intelligence research and we may discuss some of them in some of our future articles or posts.

Our Cybersecurity experts possess the abilities to select the most appropriate OSINT tools to gather, analyze and leverage OSINT information for specific purposes which could be used in law enforcement, security and intelligence.

OSINT can be leveraged to identify potential threats such as identifying new vulnerabilities and attack techniques as well as to conduct risk assessments which could involve gathering OSINT information about an individual or organization, that could put them at risk. OSINT can also be used to monitor public sentiment about any given topic or event.

How we can help you?

Connect with us if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Identify potential threats to your company's infrastructure, network and systems.
  • Gather intelligence about any organization, including their operations, employees, IT infrastructure and other assets.
  • Gather intelligence about any individual(s) regarding their geolocation, (declared and real) occupation, online, offline and social media activities.
  • Monitor surface and dark web for information that could be deployed to design preventive strategies.
  • Gather, monitor and analyze public sentiment about any company, brand, organization, product(s), service(s).

Feel free to let us know if you are looking for any service that is probably not listed above. Our services are available to Indian as well as international customers. All discussions will be kept strictly confidential. Sent in your enquiries to us at tekzilver@protonmail.com and one of us will get in touch with you right away.