Terms & Conditions

We work in a diverse and multi-cultural setup. Though many individuals work with us in our premises as well as remotely, from different cities, countries and different time zones, we always deliver as one team. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Given below are a common set of instructions, terms & conditions for all our employees, experts, associates, freelancers, partners, resources and content writers. These instructions will apply to you if you work for us in any manner or format. It is important that you familiarize yourselves with these guidelines. By working on our assignments & projects, you agree to abide by the following instructions, terms & conditions:

  1. Quality of work is non-negotiable. We trust & expect everyone, including our employees, experts, associates, freelancers, partners, resources and content writers to deliver only high-quality, fully completed, well-researched & original work.
  2. We appreciate & respect high-quality work. Similarly, poor quality, shoddy, incomplete work, plagiarized content, factually incorrect information which negatively impacts our customers as well as the reputation of our company, will be penalized. Penalties may range from a portion of the expert's fees to even 100% of the fees as well as getting blacklisted with us and all our affiliates, partners & franchisees. Tekzilver reserves the right to decide the quantum of penalties.
  3. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism and copied content. Please write your own stuff or don't write for us.
  4. We have zero tolerance for factually incorrect information. We treat it at par with plagiarism and will attract the same penalties.
  5. Plagiarism and providing factually incorrect information will get you blacklisted almost immediately and all your previously submitted work will be rejected.
  6. Please submit your work in MS Word format or in any other format that has been specifically indicated as the case may be. Remember to format your work appropriately and follow the correct referencing & citation guidelines as applicable. Do not send in pre-formatted or locked down documents/files. Do not send in pdfs, unless specifically requested for, in writing.
  7. Please use titles, headings, sub-headings, lists, charts and images in your articles appropriately.
  8. Payments are generally done monthly, in the first week of the following month or as specifically agreed with you, by bank transfer to your bank account. Please make sure you update your bank account (account name & IFSC code) and PAN card details with us.
  9. TDS as per Indian Federal Government regulations may apply for all payments.
  10. Please do not share or discuss your payment/remuneration details with other employees/colleagues.
  11. Please complete and submit the work allocated to you on time. We have zero tolerance for delayed and/or partial submissions. You may get penalized and/or blacklisted for any future assignments from us and our affiliates, partners and franchisees. In case of a penalty, the quantum of the penalty will be at the sole discretion of Tekzilver and can even be up to 100% of your payouts.
  12. If you have accepted an assignment, it is your responsibility to complete it and submit it back to us on time. If you have accepted an assignment and do not submit it on the scheduled time and/or do not provide proper status updates, we will assume you have abandoned the assignment, in which case all your outstandings with us will be put on permanent/indefinite hold and no further work will be assigned to you and no further payment will be made. You will also be blacklisted by our affiliates, partners and franchisees.
  13. After you have submitted an assignment, our customers may ask for clarifications, corrections, revisions or updates which has to be done and submitted back to us on priority until which the assignment will be considered incomplete. If a customer has to meet a certain deadline and you do not help and/or we have difficulty in contacting or communicating with you, it will be considered as an abandoned assignment.
  14. Submitting on time may even win you a surprise bonus, from time to time.
  15. Working from home is a privilege. Remember, there are thousands of individuals who do not even have a job. Please utilize your time constructively & responsibly. It also reflects the trust we put in you. If you cannot focus on your work 100% while working from home, this is not a good job option for you.
  16. Our primary mode of communication is through the phone. We expect all our experts, partners, affiliates and franchisees to be reachable on their mobile phones. Though we may try to contact you through other channels (like WhatsApp, SMS or email) in case of an urgency, we prefer to speak with you on the phone rather than texting/chatting with you.
  17. If we have a problem communicating with you, for example, if we are consistently unable to reach you on the phone for whatever reason, we cannot work with you. It is your responsibility to make sure we can easily reach you on the phone any time.
  18. Emails, Chat & SMS communications we send to you are deemed received when sent.
  19. If you have expertise in multiple domains, please let us know so we can send you more work.
  20. Do not wait until the last moment and try to complete the assignments in a hurry. All assignments go through internal QA checks and will be rejected if what you write does not meet our quality standards or our customers’ requirements. No payouts will be made for rejected assignments.
  21. Any work you do for us cannot be discussed, shared, sold or published with any third party under any circumstances. These are confidential information and meant for restricted use only. We absolutely respect the privacy of our customers.
  22. All assignments are the intellectual property of Tekzilver and our respective customers. These are not to be discussed, shared, sold or published in any form or format with any third-party(ies) for any reason and under any circumstances.
  23. Remember, you are working on assignments allocated to you on behalf of Tekzilver. Do not share your own, personally identifiable information in the assignments/tasks assigned to you – personal email ids, company names, photographs or just about anything else. Doing this will immediately invalidate your standing with us and you can be penalized with up to 100% of your fees.
  24. Remember, the quality of what you deliver to us will have a direct impact on our customers. Please deliver only your best work or do not accept the assignment.
  25. It’s okay to decline an assignment than deliver poor quality or incomplete/partial work and getting it rejected by our QA team or by the customer.
  26. If in doubt, just drop an email to [email protected] and request for clarification. Do not assume anything
  27. We expect our employees, associates, experts, freelancers, partners & customers to always behave in a professional & respectful manner at all times during the course of their engagement with us and our partners, affiliates, franchisees, employees, customers and representatives. Agression, unprofessional and/or rude behaviour in any form will not be tolerated. We have zero tolerance for abusive or threatening language or behaviour. Tekzilver is not the place for individuals who cannot hold their own tempers.
  28. If you are someone who is always complaining about something or the other, Tekzilver is not the place for you. We welcome innovative-thinkers, team-players, collaborators, problem-solvers & solution-finders.
  29. We only work with individuals who are in good standing with us. It is your responsibility to keep yourself in good standing with us.


Escalation Policy

We have a dynamic escalation policy at Tekzilver. If any of our services or decisions did not meet your expectations you can escalate it to the higher management. To escalate, please send an email with a detailed description of your concern to [email protected]. In case of any dispute or escalation, the decision of Tekzilver management will be final.


If you have a business enquiry, email us on [email protected]. We generally respond to business queries in a few minutes. We love to work, that's why we work 24x7, including weekends and holidays. You can be sure to reach at least one of our core members anytime of the day or night. You can also chat with us on our website. Anytime, all through the year.